Dolce Paganne’s Macabre Art Will Give You Goosebumps and Make You Howl at the Moon

With Portland, Oregon-based Nucleus’ “Power in Numbers 5 – Postcard Show” on the horizon and monthly contributions to UK-based WOWxWOW’s online gallery, Dolce Paganne’s art is noticed and appreciated for all the right reasons.

© Dolce Paganne

Dolce Paganne is a 37-year old surrealist who has a love for creating larger-than-life, macabre, and intricate dreamscapes composed primarily of Victorian-garbed girls and women. She has an affinity for horror stories and lives in the wooded town of Tervuren in Belgium. While she creates her oeuvres, she often listens to electronic music as the sunlight peeks through her windows. 

© Dolce Paganne

The images in this article are from her Crescent series, a project that is just as gently colorful as it is powerfully sombre. 

© Dolce Paganne

To commission her work, she may be contacted at:

Visit her website here:

And her Instagram here: @dolce_paganne

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