Max Mayoral is MIA, but He’s Here to Stay

Max Mayoral is a 22-year old painter and muralist out of Miami, Florida who creates surreal dreamscapes full of bold and vivid colors, usually featuring beautiful women and animals, juxtaposing the natural world in his pieces whenever possible, and often aligning the feminine form with mother nature.

Mayoral is inspired by anything visually stimulating and his creations have an inviting feel to them as their bright colors are a feast for the eyes. Drawing influence from his father Javier Mayoral, who’s an excellent artist himself, Peter Max (the man who created the Yellow Submarine artwork for The Beatles and many other psychedelic posters), and graffiti culture, he’s an artist who’s already amassed thousands of followers on his Instagram @funkgator.

© Max Mayoral

Engrossed in the Miami scene, specifically in the Wynwood Arts District, you might catch some of his art at Racket, a bar on 150 NW 24th St., in March and your curious wander will be met with a large mural painted by Mayoral.

© Max Mayoral

His musical taste is as complex as his art and he often listens to classic bluegrass and early Jazz as he paints in his room. Currently jamming out to a fair amount of Freddy King, B.B. King, and Lou Donaldson, Mayoral indulges himself to dozens of paint tubes when the colors come to him.

© Max Mayoral

Mayoral has quite clearly found a style that is most authentic to himself and lives a colorful world of infinite possibilities.

© Max Mayoral

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