Patricia Figueiredo Answers the Question “Who’s Your Dada(ist)?”

© Patricia Figueiredo

Patricia Figueiredo is an inspiring collage artist making waves on Instagram and her complexly wonderful creations play into her story a bit. As someone with a backstory as intriguing as her works of art, her pieces are a magnificent sinkhole into her imagination. 

© Patricia Figueiredo

Figueiredo is based in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and has previously been part of an artist program in Brazil called “imersões poéticas” and in January was selected to be part of a two-month residency in Bulgaria. If those aren’t enough accolades, she also has expertise in architecture. 

© Patricia Figueiredo

In explaining her heavily dadaist inspired pieces via email with Blackfists, Figueiredo stated, “the possibility to give new meanings to images and change their places and context is fascinating! It is about embracing the infinite value and symbols that can be created when connected to one another. And that has a very strong power to change the perception that one has about colors, shapes and meanings.”

© Patricia Figueiredo

And that’s exactly what her art accomplishes. Her experience as an architect is visible in her use of space and structures in both her collages as well as her more physical compositions as she’s constantly using both science and intuition simultaneously, in the same moment, and in the very same piece. In her collages, Figueiredo is very selective as to subtract the unnecessary while bringing a new narrative to the forefront each time. 

© Patricia Figueiredo

Her collages often feature red and orange hues and incorporate images that she finds in books, magazines, and newspapers from secondhand stores as well as flea markets. Though many folks utilize Photoshop and Googled images, Figueiredo is moved by the tactility of her creations and manipulating paper is a significant part of her process. 

© Patricia Figueiredo

In explaining her heavily dadaist inspired-works, she leans on Max Ernest. Ernest being one of her big inspirations. He “defines the mechanism of collage poetically by comparing two figures with no identity (umbrella and a typewriter) who find themselves in a common place (the artist’s desk), even coming from completely different realities and contexts, through of the imagination and manipulation of the creative hands of the artist…joined to create a new reality, a new absolute.”

© Patricia Figueiredo

In creating her art, she lets the inspiration come from a trigger and works in silence while gently sipping some wine. She also creates large  3D collages that incorporate “book pages (such as a dictionary) to merge words and collages.

This line of thinking drove [her] to experiment in other things, which led [her] to create the work “Transborda”, (Portuguese for “transcendentalist”), a very personal work that allowed [her] to evolve as an artist. (It is a big chain made from papiermâché packed in pages. The chain is exactly [her] height and all the words represent [her] life and [her] many roles, guided by reason and emotion, sometimes deep, sometimes shallow. 

Her next work in progress is called “Secret Words.”

She states that “the word has become an intrinsic element of my work. Phrases are a collage made of words. Words that can often be interpreted as a collage made of feelings. Through reading we appropriate the sentences, ideas contained in what was read, and that somehow become part of us. By absorbing words and narratives, we are able to create feelings that never existed because they are often unrealistic. Imaginary situations come true at a time on a single page. By reading a book for a while and manipulating its pages, we also create a physical and organic connection to the paper. By removing pages from books and connecting them through a thread, I create life and movement. When framing pages, only the page numbers are visible, and this brings a greater poetic [side] to the work.”

© Patricia Figueiredo

Muito obrigado, Patricia Figueiredo for these lovely words and images. 

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