Flick of the Wrist: LAGOM Watches, a Swedish and Hong Kongese Reverie

“A Swedish man and a man from Hong Kong walk into a watch shop and search for a watch that best suits their aesthetic” sounds like the beginning to a really lame joke, but a piece from LAGOM watches is the sort of wrist-candy that both fellows, seemingly from different worlds, would choose. 

To those who know Sweden solely as the country of IKEA and meatballs, it may come as a shock, but Scandinavian design has been impacting the globe since the mid-century marker. With beautiful minimalism, use of space, quality craftsmanship, and a well-esteemed philosophy of durability and reliability, each LAGOM watch is unique and in accordance with its Swedish influences. The name LAGOM is not directly translatable into the English language, but a close approximation would be “just the right amount” and that’s how we feel about how much love goes into each wristwatch . 

On the wrist, a LAGOM timepiece feels like one of their much more expensive counterparts that can be bought in department or jewelry stores. BLACKFISTS was given the opportunity to review LAGOM’s SJÖ watch on a mesh band and it’s a lovely weight, powered by the well-regarded Swiss Ronda Quartz Movement, has a unique acetate case wrapping that evokes ocean waves crashing into rocks, and its dial is sharp, geometric, and discreet in its markings. 

At $195 USD with free international shipping, it’s well worth biting the bullet and upping your watch-game. It doesn’t matter if you have a Rolex, Patek, or if you’re more utilitarian and have a Timex, this watch would positively impact your watch collection in its understated elegance. 

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