Flick of the Wrist: Sazaré Watches, Fine Timepieces for Gentlemen

Sazaré in Japanese means slender or fine and Sazaré watches are exactly that. Upon receipt of a Sazaré timepiece, BLACKFISTS was quite pleased to imagine the time, patience, and love that went into crafting such a refined gem. 

© Sazaré

In song, it’s said that “music is the silence in between the notes” and there is something remarkable about what you don’t see on a Sazaré timepiece. Instead of a watch that is a reference or an homage to another horological marvel or a watch that is show-offish and pretentious, their models are discreet and match with everything. The leather that you’ll find on the strap is so soft and comfortable, that it’s almost foam-like despite being made of sheepskin. 

© Sazaré

The watch’s domed, AR coated mineral crystal is the perfect home to its minimalistic white dial that instead of starting at 12 o’clock, like other watches, starts at “00.” On the reverse of the watch body, there is all the information necessary to let you know that Sazaré doesn’t skimp on quality, with a 316L Stainless Steel body, 5ATM Water Resistance, Japanese movement (appropriately so, as they’re Japanese), and assembly in Japan, you won’t be disappointed in taking a leap of faith and purchasing one for yourself. 

© Sazaré

Sazaré timepieces are wholesome, have wrist presence, and are eye candy for all horology adorers. Their website is visually intuitive, state-of-the-art, and full of videos of the watches being created. However, you’ll likely need to use Google translate to understand the information required to make a purchase or get in touch with them (unless you’re proficient in Japanese), and because Google translations are imprecise in nature, a little bit of deductive reasoning will help you have one of the coolest micro-brands on your wrist.

To gander at their process, you can find Sazaré at https://www.sazare.jp/

© Sazaré

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