Mama Kea’s Handwoven Footwear Will Pull on Your Heartstrings

© Mama Kea

Mama Kea is a Johannesburg, South Africa-based footwear company that is quite the contrast to the fast fashion brands of today in its approach, each pair of woven shoes are made by hand and equipped with a comfortable sneaker sole. They’re made in conjunction with elders and millennials working symbiotically, and some pairs don African pride colors that mirror both nature and the flags of sovereign nations. Each shoe is more unique than a haute couture brand and is way more sustainable than any sneaker made in a factory. You can even get your own pair with your own color selection and pattern!

© Mama Kea

“Mama Kea stems from “Mama”, meaning mother, “Kea”, meaning home where the heart, soul and spirit is. The brand represents the unconditional, undying motherly love, comfort and warmth given to us by nature. The shoes are hand-woven with the same love and an undying passion,” wrote CEO and co-founder of Mama Kea, 28-year old Khulani Sikhosana in an email with BLACKFISTS.

© Mama Kea

The delightfully unique company was founded in 2016 and “Vuka Darkie gave birth to Mama Kea and helped nourish the Mama Kea brand till it could walk the breadths of the continent to the diaspora,” mentioned Sikhousana.

© Mama Kea

Currently in the process of setting up their online store, Mama Kea mainly receives commissions via an Instagram direct message at @mamakeaofficial or via WhatsApp at phone number +27660091386, but shipping is costly and purchasing a pair will cost around 100 USD to ship to the United States on top of the price of the shoe, but how many people have handmade shoes on their feet?

© Mama Kea

In an effort to be unbiased, we won’t tell you what to do with your money, but we’re in love with these kicks.

© Mama Kea

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