Power to the Paintbrush, Tatiana K.’s Delightful Artwork

© Tatiana K.

The empowering art of Tatiana K. aka @phoenixaaart of Florida, is full of beautiful Black faces expressing the emotionality of the human experience. Tatiana says that all she wants to do is something that “radiates peace and tranquility and a sense of something more than just this reality” and her art already has done so and will continue to do so as she grows ever stronger. 

© Tatiana K.

She first turned her passion in art into a hobby in high school. But it was in college that she realized that she would make this her livelihood. Her art has even, unsurprisingly, been featured at Miami Art Basel at the Wynwood Walls in 2019 in collaboration with @fewandfarwomen

© Tatiana K.

If you’re in the Jacksonville, FL area, she has an exhibit coming up on March 7th at the Yellow House Art Gallery. 

© Tatiana K.

Tatiana K. is a daydreamer, who despite a physical disability in her right arm and hand, is able to run circles around able-bodied artists. It’s perhaps in her disability that she found her tremendous ability as her condition does not affect her daily life at all. 

© Tatiana K.

She enjoys painting while her 2-year old son is asleep and he even joins in from time to time, quirkily getting paint on both his clothes and the floor. Her desk space is full of unfinished paintings and masterpieces yet to be. 

Some of the friends and guides who have helped her emerge as such a remarkable person have been @boldcitypsychic@cooli_ras_art@zenslayfu, and her desire to become a muralist was inspired by @nicosuavalicious.

© Tatiana K.

Currently on rotation, Tatiana listens to a lot of Tame Impala and alternative rock as she creates her pieces. 

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