All Access into Dorota Liwacz’s Intergalactic Art

© Dorota Liwacz

Dorota Liwacz is a surrealist whose art showcases the otherworldliness fascinating our youngest generation and the desire that young folks have to find their paths with what they’ve been given.

© Dorota Liwacz

In her pieces, you can find the distractions that the privileged majority of the globe have a bit of a toxic relationship with, namely cigarettes, junk food, technology, prescriptions, soda, and the hope that there are other life forms out there that may help us stray from our everyday rat races.

© Dorota Liwacz

Although her pieces are quite together, they highlight the torn nature that we all have within, struggling with emotionality, connection, spirituality, and even the existence (or lack-there-of) of aliens. Featuring women independent of objectification, the viewer is presented with feminism and female empowerment in each work.

© Dorota Liwacz

Liwacz featured some of her pieces at the Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice, Poland and painted the mural below in an exhibition entitled “We Are (Not) Alone.”

© Dorota Liwacz

Propelling herself into the future, Liwacz would like to delve into the mysticism and mysterious nature of human beings and learn how to animate. Fittingly, as she creates her art, she bumps techno and blasts electronic queen, Grimes.

© Dorota Liwacz

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