The Vibrant Folk Art of Andre the Poet Paints a Nuanced Portrait of Beautiful Black Folks

© Andre the Poet

Hailing from Newport News, Virginia, 24-year old Andre’ D Jones, known on Instagram as Andre the Poet is a folk artist to be reckoned with, filling his canvases with stories. And in that sense, his monicker is an appropriate one. 

© Andre the Poet

Though his area is more known for fishing than artistic endeavors, there’s nothing fishy about his abstract portrayal of Black men and women, it’s seriously powerful. 

© Andre the Poet

Jones has been an artist since childhood, but his artistic hub as a college student was his dorm room where he delved into the world of landscapes and nude pieces composed with oil pastels.

© Andre the Poet

Inspired by one of the greatest modern artists, Jean Michel-Basquiat, Jones’ hustle and prolific creation certainly mirrors the young Basquiat who would sell his postcard-sized paintings signed “SAMO” on the subway. 

© Andre the Poet

Jones is, as mentioned above, fascinated by telling stories through his pieces, and in the sweetest sense of the word, he prefers to enter a piece with naive wonder rather than with a formula.  

© Andre the Poet

In a deeply existential sense, Jones wants the viewer to see themselves in his work and to question where they are in reference to his painted scenarios. 

© Andre the Poet

If you’d like to purchase one of Andre the Poet’s works of art, you can reach out to him on Instagram below:

5 thoughts on “The Vibrant Folk Art of Andre the Poet Paints a Nuanced Portrait of Beautiful Black Folks

  1. I’ve watched him grow into what I easily describe as an awesome painter. These are some of the greats.


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