You’re Ghana Need to Follow the Artistic Ethos of Samuel Blankson

Hailing from Ghana, 24-year old graphic designer Samuel Blankson aka @themanyphacedgod uses his savoir-faire of digital art and love of Black skin as a way to paint mortal men as God-like entities. Drawing from hip-hop and r&b culture, Blankson uses his artistic gift as a way to pay homage to pop icons who make dark features as beautiful as they always have been.

In one of his paintings, Blankson paints Ghanian emcee M.anifest wearing a velvet-red-orange fedora and red-orange jacket. He cunningly juxtaposes playing cards cards in M.anifest’s hat and dice earrings. 

© Samuel Blankson

In another painting for @Osengwa, he paints the image of a man with both an afro-pick around his ear and an afro-pick in his hair.

© Samuel Blankson

Two of BLACKFISTS’ favorite digital paintings of Blankson’s are The Weeknd with a cigarette on his ear, smoke coming out of his mouth, and a lightbulb earring. Another is of 2Pac with a white bandana donned around his forehead. 

© Samuel Blankson
© Samuel Blankson

Though Blankson’s talent is clear as day, he finds that societally he isn’t given the permission to pursue his passion, but knowing of his inherent and hard-earned talent, he does what he loves anyway. Lovingly, his mother is his biggest supporter. Drawing inspiration from @partikles, @duroarts_, @samspratt and even some Renaissance Artists, Blankson nourishes his eyes with some phenomenal talent.

He likes to paint subjects deemed “other” by occidental culture. And he lives by the quote “art is the elimination of the unnecessary” by Pablo Picasso. Three mission statements of his are to stay unique, be versatile, and make a difference. 

Blankson dreams of one day going to art school to learn more, owning a fully-furnished studio and exhibition center where he can organize showings and seminars, and collaborating with artists to gain constructive criticism (as insight) and grow. 

© Samuel Blankson

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