Pei-Yu Is Happy!

Hi, my name is Pei-Yu Huang, sometimes friends call me Happy. I am 22 years old. I’m studying visual communication design in Taiwan and going to graduate from college this year. I also have a day-job teaching children to draw and sculpt. In my free time, I like to stay at home and make things. I think art always represents the creator and the situation in their heart, or what they’ve been through. Sometimes it’s a way to express yourself. My art is centered around the belief in “happiness”, and the creation of a world of make-believe. Everything depends on my life, and what mood I’m in. Although the world I create is so colourful, I’m not great at thinking positively. Whenever I feel depressed, I listen to music. Then I paint. Continue reading Pei-Yu Is Happy!

Protocol’s Ahmad Ferguson Drops Knowledge & Talks Florida Man Headlines

Hello! I’m Ahmad, I sing in a hardcore band called Protocol. We started in Tallahassee, FL but we’re from all over these days. A lot of our songs try to confront uglier topics like racism, American exceptionalism, violence, etc. Sounds kinda boring, but I’m not sure there’s much more to the story than that! Continue reading Protocol’s Ahmad Ferguson Drops Knowledge & Talks Florida Man Headlines

The ABC’s of Screen Printing with Joshua Rodriguez

When I was younger, I honestly always loved clothes but I never knew the process of making clothes. I never really had people I could go to, to ask questions. But I learned how to screenprint at a young age through all the great art programs that there are in Providence. Through me being in different bands, I would design and print all the merch. I fell in love with the process of printmaking and decided to take on a new project of my own, which is now my brand “Alphabets.” Continue reading The ABC’s of Screen Printing with Joshua Rodriguez

Pink Daydream Q&A With Ariya Sonethavy

I’ve been obsessed with the color red since high school. Maybe because I was listening to Taylor Swift’s Red a lot and I was wearing a lot of red (I still do). I think the color represents intensity and the tumultuousness of… any emotion. Love, anger, passion. I like how red contains pinks and beiges, which is what I’m really drawn to when I make any kind of visual art. The red and pink color palette of “bubbling froth” is meant to embody intimacy in its most raw form — it’s an experimental short about the franticness of love, how meeting someone new makes you feel like you’re “blooming” (hence the second title card). The pinker tones of the film capture the comedown of these intense feelings as well. Continue reading Pink Daydream Q&A With Ariya Sonethavy