Pink Daydream Q&A With Ariya Sonethavy

I’ve been obsessed with the color red since high school. Maybe because I was listening to Taylor Swift’s Red a lot and I was wearing a lot of red (I still do). I think the color represents intensity and the tumultuousness of… any emotion. Love, anger, passion. I like how red contains pinks and beiges, which is what I’m really drawn to when I make any kind of visual art. The red and pink color palette of “bubbling froth” is meant to embody intimacy in its most raw form — it’s an experimental short about the franticness of love, how meeting someone new makes you feel like you’re “blooming” (hence the second title card). The pinker tones of the film capture the comedown of these intense feelings as well. Continue reading Pink Daydream Q&A With Ariya Sonethavy